Chapter 14

Trench Series

14. Ike Killed Him

He did not answer, for a bullet sizzled through the air and went threw his skull the next second.

I dropped to the ground speedily, expecting another bullet to fly through aimed for me, but when I looked at how precise the bullet was in the detective’s forehead, I realized that the bullet was not aimed for me. I kept my body low anyways. I did not want to risk killing myself over an assumption. I crawled to the front door and quickly exited the place. I dashed to my AV once outside and drove off.

I picked up my AV phone to call the officer to tell what had happened. I started to dial but hesitate on pressing the last number. The officer and Mike had spoken together directly after I had left. He could have been in on killing the detective. I let this paranoia take over me before I realized I was maybe exaggerating. I pressed the last number.

“Hello?” answered the officer.
“It’s me, Jacob.”
“Oh hello. Where are you?”
“The detective’s just been killed!” I exclaimed.
“Well I know that much,” he answered frankly.
There was a slight moment where I knew not what to say. He then, realizing this,

continued, “He would’ve told you all about the Trench Code.”
“How do you know?” I asked.
“I heard the whole conversation, Jacob.”
I hung up, not knowing what to say. I wanted to go back to the police station, but I

did not trust anyone anymore. I decided then to go to Ike’s house, to see how he was connected to my father’s death.

It was Ike’s wife, Maria, that answered the door when I rang. “Jacob!” she exclaimed. “How nice it is to see you! How long has it been? Two years?”

“Three, I think,” I responded.
“No, I distinctly remember that it was the year you graduated from the Elite.” “Oh yeah, and came right back down to an amateur.”
We looked at each other for a moment and then she said, “Come in!”
“Thank you.”
“Ike’s still at work, but he should be here in about thirty minutes,” she explained.

“But for now, do you want to see your nephews and nieces?”
“Works for me,” I said, indifferently.
She walked me over to a room with a bunch of toys everywhere, but I was not

looking at the toys. I was looking at the children facing the TV.
“Children?” she addressed them. “Come see your Uncle Jacob.”
They did not turn to face Maria and I.
“Now children! Don’t be so rude and turn around!”
They again did not listen to their mother.
Suddenly, Maria screamed. An arm wrapped around my neck, choking me. I

heard, “Ike! Stop that!”

He did not. I kicked and punched, but my cousin was just too strong for me. It was futile to fight back. All I could so was try and talk him out of choking me to death.

“Ike! Let’s talk!”

That did the work, for the next second, I found myself on the ground gasping for air.

“What do you want,” came the husky voice of my cousin.

I put up my index finger, notifying him that I needed time to catch my breath. I stood up and tried to look at him confidently. Maria looked intensely at us both. “I have to speak to you about something important.”

“What about,” Ike shot back.
“About the murder of my father.”
“Your father was murdered?” asked he, looked genuine.
“And my mother said, ‘Ike killed him.’ ”
“Did you kill him?”
“No. Why d’you ask?”
“I’m confused. Did you murder your father?”
“Did you?” I asked.
“Why would you ask that?”
“She said ‘Ike killed him!’ ”
“I fail to see what that has to do with Ike,” interjected Maria.
“Well if he killed a man…” I started. They looked at me with blank faces. “Ike.

Killed. Him.” I said slowly.
“What do you want us to do about it?” asked Ike.
“My mother said that you killed my father!” I yelled.
“Why were you saying that you killed him?”
“Not in front of the children!” hushed Maria.
“Never mind this whole conversation. Did you or did you not kill my father?”
“I did not. I don’t even care about your father enough to go and kill him anyways!” “Ike!” Maria said, obviously offended.
“What is going on here?” asked Ike.
“My mother accused you of murder. That’s what’s going on here!”
Ike took a moment to think and then said, “We’re expecting company any

moment now. I don’t have time to talk.”
“You know the punishment for murder!” I yelled.
“I very well do, but I have people to defend me if ever I get the death penalty.” “Yeah, like who?”
“You are speaking awfully harsh in front of my children!” sternly said Ike. “I’m

going to have to ask you to leave now.”
“They’re mesmerized by the TV. They can’t hear us!”
Just then, all the children turn around to face their parents and I.
“Leave right now, or I’ll have to call the police!” Ike insisted.
“Go ahead, call! The police force seems to be against me as it is anyways!” “Why do you say that?” he asked as if intent to get the answer.
“It’s nothing,” I lied.
“Are you a revolutionary?” asked he.
No!” I yelled.

“If you are, I want you to know that family comes before law,” he paused at put his hands on my shoulders, “and that you can always count on Maria and I for refuge.”

“I’m not though. I’m just suspecting that the government is against me. I don’t know why.” I softened up. “I feel alone. My brother committed suicide, I don’t know why. My mother went crazy and accused you of killing my father, I don’t know why. I got drugged by revolutionaries, wiping the memory of a whole month away, I don’t know why. And today, I went to my detective to ask him some questions, and he got shot in the forehead, I don’t know why. My officer knows more than he’s telling me. I just want to know what is going on!”

“The government is corrupt,” said Ike. “That’s life.”
“Does it have to be like this?”
“No, but you’re starting to sound like a revolutionary.”
I looked down and reassured him that I was not. I then walked to the front door to

“Remember,” reminded Ike, “if ever you need a place to stay, our doors are wide

“Thanks,” I said as I opened the door to leave. I managed to give the couple a

smile, an was out the door.
As I was heading towards my AV, I saw two men walking towards my cousin’s

house. As they got closer to me, I started to get this feeling that I knew one of them. He looked strangely familiar. As they passed me by, the man I felt I knew looked at my and smiled. I smiled back hypocritically. I looked back to see them knock on my cousin’s door. The men I felt were mean. Both of them. I did not know why. I got into my AV and drove to my apartment downtown.

I got in to my dark apartment and saw a slip of paper on the granite counters of the kitchen. I opened up the fold and saw a message which I read. It said,

You’ve been randomly selected as a patient for a scientific government test. You are to pack as soon as you read this message and go to the Government Research Centre on Mills Street SE. We will provide a room for you to sleep in, and food will be available for three meals a day. You now no longer live in this apartment, so leave as soon as possible.

Reading this gave me chills. I started to pack right away, not planning to follow orders, but rather to go to my cousin. ‘He could be in on it!” my mind kept shouting to me about Ike. It was a risk I was willing to take.

As I was packing, the man I had seen upon leaving my cousin came back into my mind. I thought hard about where I could have seen him. Then it came to me. It took me an hour and a half to pack everything but at last I finished packing the essentials and went down to my parked AV. I got in and started to drive, going to 1345 Forest Grove.

To be continued…


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