Chapter 8

I released chapter 6 and 7 today, so check them out before reading this one!

Trench Series

8. Snipers

They could either believe me and go away, or not believe me, try to kill me, and get crushed by the troops. Unfortunately, they chose the latter.

It seems almost impossible for someone to act rationally in a stressful situation. For me, when I was walking through the empty streets of Quad-4, I had no need to be stressed. There were tons of troop snipers around me ready to fire any extremist that tried to hurt me. The stress was still there. I could not think straight, nor walk straight. I was extremely nervous. I could see running towards me with guns and knives, an yet, it was all just a result of self-shattering stress which clung onto me like a friend.

One round, then two. No one. No noise was heard except the sound of my heavy breathing. It was a tense blur. All I remember was the way the butterflies in my stomach went around in circles continuously, and how my body would not stop shaking.

My memory is as clear as day on what happened next though. The shot stunned my senses, yet I remember. The shot missed and hit the asphalt. “No!” is the next thing I heard. It was a rather severe and stern tone of voice.

Suddenly, the sky about me was whistling bullets all towards the direction the shot was taken from. After that, gunned men came from around the corners of the buildings I was surrounded by. They were all holding their machine guns at me. The leader, I assume, ordered me to follow him. I was ready to obey, but bullets from the troop snipers started shooting down at the men surrounding me. I dropped to the ground and curled myself up in a ball.

This position did not help, for the next moment, I found myself up on my feet following some rebel who said that the snipers were trying to kill me. It is only after I entered a back-alley with a few other rebels that I realized that I had put my trust in someone who had held up a gun at me a moment earlier. I panicked. This would look like I was part of the revolutionary scheme. But I soon figured out that the troop snipers were aiming their guns at me just as well as the others. My name was dirtied. Either that, I thought, or the government wants me dead.

I decided to follow the revolutionaries. From the back-alley, we went around to the entrance of the building the snipers were on. We stuck to the wall so that the snipers could not hit us. I was handed a grenade and a pistol with electric bullets. I was no trooper. I did not know how to properly shoot.

Then I saw real troopers. They came by foot in all directions and there were even tanks following closely behind.

“Throw your grenade,” whispered the man beside me. He was the man who had saved me earlier.

The three tanks and three dozen men shied me from doing so, but a little shove from the man motivated me. I was about to throw it when he reminded me to pull out the ring first. I was no expert. I then threw it. I waited for an explosion, but it never came. It was a smoke bomb.

Next thing I knew, every rebel beside me was running towards the smoke. I decided to follow suite. The smoke was thick and I had to pull my shirt over my nose to stop myself from inhaling it. The same man who had said to throw the grenade lead me

forward by tugging at my arm. We ran for quite a bit, but the smoke never stopped surrounding us. I soon discovered why. The revolutionaries had thought of this quite well. The troopers on foot penetrated the smoke and tried to fight us with no success. They could not see us. The snipers could not shoot in fear of shooting their own men. The rebels kept on throwing smoke grenades to create a path of smoke, clear to run through a little more safely.

We stopped suddenly at the sight of a tank rolling past us. We went around it carefully. We heard the calling, “Troopers retreat! Troopers retreat!” “We’re saved!” I thought to myself. But this was not so. They were retreating so the tanks could fire at will. We soon discovered this and kept on running. The snipers were now not a concern as I knew that we were far from Quad-4. I did not know much of the direction we were heading, but I knew that we were heading away from the quadrants of downtown.

I saw a rebel. He threw a grenade. I assumed we would keep going to the next grenade smoke radius. But the ground underneath me fell. My head bumped on a few pipes wherever I was, I saw a rusty ladder, and I fainted.

Water splashed on my face and I awoke to find myself sitting on a chair, surrounded my dirty-looking men. I eyed everyone suspiciously. Then the person who had said to follow him came into the circle.

“Are you okay?” he asked sympathetically.

“Of course I’m not okay!” I tried to stand up but I found myself tied to the chair. “I’m tied up, my head hurts, and I’ve been shot at!”

“Calm down Mr.- what’s your name?” “Daniel Mann,” I responded.
“Well, Mr. Mann, you have been chosen.” “Chosen? For what? By whom?”

“By me and to help us!” he exclaimed pridefully.
“Help you? Why would I help you? You kidnapped me!”
The circle of men laughed. “We saved your life, Mann! The troopers were trying

to kill you. We couldn’t let you go to waste could we!”
The men laughed again. “Go to waste? Excuse me, but what’s your name?”
“I won’t tell you until I know for sure you’re on our side.”
“Well I’m not on your side.”
“Whose side are you on then?” he asked slyly.
“The government’s side,” I stuttered.
“The government tried to kill you. You can’t be on their side.”
“Then whose side am I on?”
“Well, let me tell you, if you’re not for us-”
“You’re against us, yeah I get it, I know. Why did you choose me.”
“We tested you,” he said smiling deviously.
“Tested me?” I asked puzzled.
Suddenly, a girl came running into the circle and the unnamed man picked her

up. “Yes, with my daughter.”
It was the girl I had dropped off at her parent’s home.
“You see, most policemen would not have dropped her off at her house. They

would’ve taken advantage of the situation. A girl, without her parents, how tempting. Or they could have put the little girl in jail to gain some extra dough.”

“You would put your daughter in danger!?”

“Oh don’t worry. We had snipers ready to fire at you if ever something did happen.”

“You’re disgusting,” I said, spitting on the ground.

“Katherine, go join your mother and your uncle.” She did as her father had ordered. “We now know that your potential for good is greater than your potential for evil.”

“You set me up using an innocent girl that could’ve been hurt!”
“Do I have to repeat myself? We had snipers ready to shoot!”
“How about the first sniper that shot in that big shootout?”
“He needs to learn his place,” he said looking at someone in the circle, “and to

listen to orders.” That someone left angrily.
“So because I have some good in me, you want to use me for the revolution,

because I’m assuming it’s a revolution.”
“Yes, we need more men like you.”
“Me? I have no skills whatsoever!”
“Yes, but you do have something we all don’t have.” “And what might that be?”

“You’re in the police force.”
“Ooh! Big deal! You said the government wants me dead!”
“They do, but after what you offer them, they’ll want you alive and in good


To be continued…


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